Early budburst this spring 2021, but less than in 2020.

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The exceptional mildness at the end of February raised fears that the vines were going to be overwhelming. But the return of cooler temperatures in March slowed down vegetation. The year remains early for the moment, but today the vines are at less advanced stages than last year. Along the Loire, most of the vines are between the "winter buds" and "early swelling" stages.

If the warm weather at the end of February is pleasant for outdoor work, it is also a source of concern for the winegrowers. An early awakening of the vine could make it more sensitive to spring frosts.

In a fortnight, the winegrowers of the department who immortalized the view of their vines sometimes covered with a thin layer of snow, saw the temperatures go from the great winter cold to the mildness of spring. This week the thermometer even climbed to 20 degrees.

Even if this warm weather is a little worrying, it also offers an enjoyable working environment for the winegrowers and normal temperatures for the season are expected to be back this week end!