Domaine des Clos Godeaux

Philippe BROCOURT,
Rivière - (37) Indre et Loire

Located in the heart of the Chinon appellation, Philippe Brocourt manage vinesspread over five villages: Chinon, Ligré, Rivière, La Roche-Clermault and Beaumont en Véron. This dispersal of the vineyard permits to obtain representative cuvées of all the terroirs present on the Chinon appellation area. The gravel plains mixed with sand give light and fruity wines while the clay-siliceous plateaus give powerful wines but also very fine and pleasant; and finally the clay-limestone hillsides give great aging potential, tannic and bodied wines.

White wines

  • Chinon

Rosé wines

  • Chinon

Red wines

  • Chinon

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