Our philosophy


Skilled and conscientious


Our main focus


An experienced team


To the service of Loire Valley wines


Rich soils and farming methods

Talented winegrowers

In the heart of Loire vineyard, COLLEGIALE is the oldest group of winegrowers in the Loire Valley which offer a very wide range of quality wines from many terroirs, estates and chateaux.

All our wines are coming from independent small winegrowers sharing the same philosophy. Every bottling is made directly at the estates by skilled and passionate winegrowers.

Simple and efficient

1 invoice/ 1 shipment/ 1 contact/ 1 order for around 500 wines mainly from Loire Valley.

COLLEGIALE is a simplified and cost efficient structure adapted to all kind of business networks, which permits to optimize supply (mixing references, reduced transport cost and managed formalities).

At your service

Our team of professionals is paying close attention to your needs with dedicated specialists for each market.

Thus, we could also extend our offer according to your needs. Indeed, we have introduced wines and estates from other regions always respecting the same philosophy with independent small wineries producing quality wines.

Like our wines and producers, we combine dynamism and know-how always trying to be as responsive as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact your sales representative to obtain tailored proposals.