Terra Viti’s logo is renewed!

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This vitivinicultural certification wants to increase its visibility and highlitght its sustainability commitment.

Coming from Beaujolais winegrowers impetus since 1998, in November 2001, the National Federation Terra Vitis has been created.

Terra Vitis is an environmental certification present in all French wine regions and recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture. The winegrowers undertake to comply with the Terra Vitis specifications and an independent body regularly monitors compliance and validates the granting of this certification based on 80 control points.

It is based on the three pillars of sustainable development:

environment: biodiversity, management of the vines in a sustainable way, ...

social: health of the farmer and his employees

economy: reconciling respect of the environment and economic profitability

Currently 1,300 estates are Terra Vitis certified and benefit from this new logo: a square framed by the slogan “sustainable viticulture” and centered on a vine leaf and an auxiliary insect (lacewing). It comes from the desire to offer an environmental label distinct from the many ones present on the market, but with a water green color which “[…] situates us in the codes of environmental certification, but we have been careful not to be in collusion with the Organic Agriculture logo” specifies David Michelis, director of the Terra Vitis federation.

Note that the Terra Vitis specifications also allow the High Environmental Value (HVE) certification, which we will present in a future article.